Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I sell items or keys back to you?
A: As of right now, we don’t have a built in site function for this. However, we do buy keys and some items for cash. Contact us through email or other means, and we can discuss price and payment method. We can pay through PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Zelle.

Q: Is your website authentic? How do I know you’re not going to take my money and run?
A: We guarantee that every transaction is 100% genuine and accountable by law. When buying virtual goods through our service, we are required to provide them within every liable constraint. We take our accountability very seriously and will provide a proof of purchase/receipt after every transaction to ensure that you are covered as detailed in our Terms of Service. Our website is encrypted and secured by PositiveSSL; to ensure our website is safe to browse for all users. Find out more on how we handle your protection in our Privacy Policy. If you would like to speak with us directly, you are always welcome to Contact Us during our Business Hours.

Q: Can your website view details about my credit card? Do I have to use my personal information?
A: Everything you purchase is protected through our partner, Stripe. They ensure that your full payment information will NEVER be seen by our website (we are solely permitted to see the last 4 digits of your card), used or advertised to other companies, or charged unexpectedly. Read more about Stripe’s Privacy Policy here. We will ONLY require your information in order to process a checkout with us. You are also able to have your personal information retracted from our website at any time, as detailed in our Privacy Policy.

Q: After my purchase, how do I have my items delivered to me? How long does it usually take?
A: Make sure to include your Gamertag/PSN ID when checking out so we can distribute your items in-game. We do our best to deliver as fast as possible after receiving confirmation of every purchase. Typically, deliveries are within 30 minutes during our Business Hours. We will also work with you if you live in a different time zone, have work or need your purchase delivered at another time, among many other possibilities. We will contact you by email or by using your Platform’s Username. Read more about this in our Terms of Service or Contact Us if you have any concerns or require additional information.

Q: I changed my mind about something I just bought. Would I be able to get a refund?
A: We do offer refunds, although they are not immediate. It will usually take five to ten days to return the money from your purchase to you. This is completely handled by our Payment Partner, Stripe. If we have already delivered your item(s) to you, we do not accept returns, and retain the right to deny a refund as outlined in our Terms of Service. Make sure that you are sure about your purchase before ordering!

Q: Will the keys I purchase have a 7 day lock? Can I trade these after I buy them?
A: Nope! Your keys will not have any trade lock on them. Every key you purchase through us will be traded normally to your account. From there, you can trade them to other players or use them to open crates! This means that any item you obtain out of a crate will be tradeable the moment you unlock it.

Q: Why do I need to put an item/crate in the trade window when trading for keys?
A: This only pertains to Xbox One users. Rocket League will not allow you to trade keys without another item being exchanged in return. To ensure the trade is completed, please provide a single crate or item during the trade. We will match the crate/item or trade the item back to you after the trade is completed. We will ensure no extra items are lost between the trades.

Q: The trade we were in was cancelled unexpectedly. Why did this happen?
A: There are still persisting issues within the game that cause trades to cancel without warning. We may ask you to re-initiate the trade or restart your game. Usually this is fixed after a few attempts, so we appreciate your patience as we deliver your purchase(s) to you.

Q: An item I want isn’t listed or is out of stock. Is all hope lost?
A: No, we will do our best to restock items as we can based on availability. We do not take item requests at this time but feel free to Contact Us and provide a suggestion so that we can potentially provide an item you are looking for in the future. We take all feedback seriously and do our best to make sure our users have the best shopping experience.

Q: Why do the prices on your site change? Last time I was here they were different.
A: We try our best to fairly price the items we sell to meet our customers expectations. Prices can vary depending on what is going on in the market and which in-game events are occurring. For our site, we will only stock items we believe can be sold at a reasonable cost. We go the distance to ensure that you are not overpaying by enormous amounts and that you will only find low, affordable prices on our website.

Q: I only wanted to purchase one thing, why do I have to spend a minimum of $5.00?
A: We cannot keep our website and store running if we have small orders to fulfill regularly. This minimum is set in place to ensure that you can continue to buy all of our items at a lesser cost, and to make sure we are spending time with our customers. Without this, we would not be able to keep our service top-notch. We want to make sure that you are taken care of to the best of our ability.

Q: Do you put a sales tax on all of the items or is it required by law?
A: Different states require different taxes on any digital or virtual goods purchased. You may be taxed depending on your state, but it is completely out of our control. We are only responsible for the prices displayed on our products that we have listed. We do not intentionally add any extra cost to ensure you are receiving a quality price on any product you are purchasing. Read more about this in our Terms of Service.

Q: Why do I need to make an account? Is it absolutely required or could I skip it?
A: You are not required to make an account. Stripe (Our Credit Card Processing Service) requires all users to provide their information upon checkout to ensure your safety as well as ours. The checkout process will require your information for every purchase unless you have your information saved from a previous purchase. Read their Terms of Service to find out more. Once you save your information, it will be stored in Manage Account to ensure quicker checkouts in the future.

Q: Something on your site isn’t working or acting right, did you know about this issue?
A: We had no idea! Thanks for finding that, sorry if it affected your viewing experience. Could you Contact Us and give us some details on what you saw and how it happened? We want to fix it as soon as possible so the website is functioning correctly and looking fresh for everyone to enjoy. If you find something substantially serious that we need to fix, we will send a White Hat discount code (one time use) to help you save on your next order for helping us out.